[ Cup Cakes/ Cake Model ] – Edible Toy Train and Cup Cake Carriages

Edible-Train-Cake-Model/ Topper and-Sweetie Filled Cup-Cakes- Carriages

Edible Train Cake Model/ Topper and Cup Cake Carriages Full with Sweets on a Cake Board Decorated with sugar paste Train Track, Sweets and Hundred and Thousands.

This is another display cake I did for the Norbury Festival this May bank holiday weekend. The edible train cake model is made out of a  mix of sugar paste and flower paste, and has marshmallows coming out the funnel to look like smoke. The carriages are made from vanilla cupcake topped with vanilla butter cream and decorated with the sweets. The cake board is covered in white sugar paste icing and decorated with a edible sugar paste icing train track, hundred and thousands and smarties.

If you would like to order or enquire about and edible or inedible Cake Model / Topper, Shaped Cake or Cupcakes for delivery in Staffordshire or Shropshire, please contact Lisa at lisa@lisascakemodels.co.uk.

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